President's Message

president “Education is the process of giving the individual knowledge and skills which he should apply in his life. Inculcating noble traditions, compassion and love in the individual in order to help him lead a full life, should be the aim of an educationist.” Dr. Radhakrishnan.
I, as the President of the Managing Committee strongly believe in the above quoted famous lines of an eminent educationist, Dr. Radhakrishnan. I undertook this great responsibility not as a businessman but as a visionary, with the aim to nurture the young minds with knowledge, virtues, human values and bring out the best potentials which they have.
When the responsibility of being the President of the Managing Committee was entrusted to me Guru Nanak Khalsa College was facing many problems, shortage of funds was the greatest problem, as the Punjab Govt. had withdrawn the financial support and the students had started opting for professional and vocational courses instead of the regular courses which this college had been running. There were many constraints and restraints. So I, with the mutual understanding and co-operation of other members of the managing committee decided to start the Women Wing and certain other courses, so that the college could meet the requirements of the changing times.
With the passage of time and financial aid from UGC, State Govt. and other responsible bodies, we have been able to build up and strengthen the college once again. Dr. Upinderjit Kaur, Former Finance Minister of Punjab has proved to be a great help by providing financial support. Computer courses and other graduate as well as post graduate courses are now being run successfully.
A fleet of buses has been provided so that the girls from the adjoining villages can reach college conveniently. We have a spacious campus with all the facilities in the Women Wing near Guru Nanak Dev Stadium on Gurudwara Sri Ber Sahib Road. The construction of modern Gymnasium and Auditorium, which is in full swing will add another feather in the colorful cap of accomplishments of the college.
I am happy that the college is submitting its SSR for the NAAC Accreditation. I firmly believe that the college shall scale new heights in the times to come, for the achievement of our goal is assured the moment we commit our self to it.