Physical & Sports

Physical education is an essential and integral part of the total education program and makes significant contribution towards the achievement of desirable education and health outcomes through the medium of physical activity. Quality physical education programs promote the physical growth and development of children and youth while contributing to their general health and well being. They are based on a planned sequence of experiences in a wide variety of activities beginning with basic movement skills and progressing towards more complex sports, dance. As a result young people to keep physically fit during the school years and afterwards. Guru Nanak Khalsa college has many achievements in physical field under the commands of Sh.Kanwaljit Singh and Mrs.Gagandeep Kaur.It is the pride of the institution that our old student Balram Singh was the member of world cup kabaddi tournament(india). Our players won laurels to the institution during 2012-13 in kabaddi national style, Teakwondo and kho kho etc. Our Girl players have earned good name in Kabaddi, kho-kho and teakwondo at university level. Boys got third position in Punjab Style Kabaddi Inter-college Tournament and Taekwando during 2011-12 Girls got first position in Kabaddi, Taekwando and Kho Kho Inter-college Tournament during 2011-12. Boys got first,second,3rd position in Punjab Style Kabaddi Inter-college Tournament during 2008,09,10,11 Sumit Sikandar was captain of kabaddi team , Badminton, Kho-Kho and Taekwondo teams of girls also get first second and third position during 2008,2009,2010 in inter college tournaments