Our Goals and Objectives

• To impart higher and quality education along with moral values in economically and educationally backward area through innovative methods of teaching.
• To prepare our students to meet the changing and challenging demand of society through vocational and professional education.
• To impart true and qualitative instructions for the multi-facet development of boys and girls.
• To produce really learned and useful citizens of the state, who will have self-reliance, who will help themselves and be helpful to others and who neither be frightened by others nor will they scare them away.
• To encourage teaching and learning of Punjabi Language and lay stress on the teachings depicted in Guru Granth Sahib.

Our Vision

• The vision of the college is to enable students to emerge as strong force for society, ready to contribute while living with dignity and respect and shall strive to become a center of excellence in teaching through various modes to make good citizens and to meet the global challenges.

Our Mission

• The mission is to achieve excellence and create the academic environment in education through quality education to meet ever changing needs of society.
• Our mission is to convert the goals and objectives into reality through constant and sincerest efforts undertaking all projects and programs facing all challenges to make our students to be fully enlightened, empowered and skilled.