The college library has a wide range of l5 rare books on diverse subjects on its shelf with a spacious seating arrangement. The College library is a rich resource for students with access to a huge collection of books, Encyclopedias, Biographies, Journals, Magazines, Educational CDs and Newspapers etc. There are separate corner for staff and students in the library hall. In the Women Wing also, there is a big library with all facilities. There is special arrangement for post graduate classes.In the library there is large collection of books for the Post Graduate students.

star  The both libraries have more than 25,000 books and subscribes to newspapers, journals and magazines.

star  There is big Book-Bank facility especially for the needy students.

starThe book exhibitions are arranged from time to time in the library.

starPhotostat facility for students and staff is available at nominal rates.

starThere is proper arrangment for sitting and reading.