Sultanpur Lodhi

Sultanpur Lodhi holds a high significance in Sikh history. It has many historical and non-historical Gurudwaras.
                                                     (a Place of worship for Sikhs)

Gurudwara Shree Ber Sahib

ber sahib Gurudwara Ber Sahib the principal shrine at Sultanpur, is situated on the bank of the rivulet Kali Bein, half a kilometre to the west of the old town. Guru Nanak performed his morning ablutions in the Bein and then sat under a Ber (Zizyphus jujuba) tree to meditate. Guru Ji meditated under this tree daily for 14 years, nine months and 13 days. It was during one such ablution that Guru Nanak had as a direct communion with the Divine. As the Janam Sakhis narrate the details, Guru Nanak one morning disappeared into the stream and was not seen for two days. When he reappeared at a spot, 2 km upstream, now known as Sant Ghat, the first words he uttered were, "No one is Hindu, No one is Musalman (Muslim)." Guru Nanak was now ready to embark on his long journeys. Gurudwara Ber Sahib is built by the side of an old ber tree which is believed to be the one under which Guru Nanak would sit in meditation. The present building of Gurudwara Ber Sahib was built by Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala. The cornerstone was laid by Bhai Arjan Singh of Bagarian on 25 February 1937, and the Gurudwara was on completion dedicated by Lieutenant General Maharaja Yadavinder Singh of Patiala on 26 January 1941. Standing on a high plinth and entered through a portico, supported by octagonal columns, and a small entrance gallery is the high ceiling, marble floored hall. At the far end, marked off by a high archway decorated with floral designs in stucco, is the sanctum sanctorum, where the Guru Granth Sahib is seated on a white marble canopied throne. Besides the daily services and observance of important Sikh anniversaries, a largely attended fair takes place each November to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak.

Gurudwara Shree Hatt Sahib

Gurudwara Hatt Sahib is situated at a place where Measuring Stones used by Guru Nanak Dev Ji are kept.Guru Nanak was convinced by his family to accept employment here as accountant of Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi. Guru Nanak got the job on the recommendation of his brother-in-law Jai Ram. The Nawab was very much impressed by the young Guru who would work diligently in the day and spend the evenings and nights singing the praises of God with his friends.

Gurudwara Shree Kothri Sahib

it is situated at a place where Guru ji temporarily jailed on the orders of the Nawab while all the accounts were checked. It had been reported to the Nawab by jealous elements that the Guru was stealing from the inventory as his predecessor had. When the inventory was checked and found to be intact, the Nawab released Guru Nanak & apologized profusely, even offering Guru Nanak a promotion to Prime Minister of the state. Guru Nanak refused to accept the position as he had decided to dedicate his life for spreading Sikhism.

Gurudwara Shree Guru Ka Bagh

guru ka bagh Gurudwara Guru Ka Bagh was Guru Nanak's residence. Guru Nanak spent 14 years in Sultanpur Lodhi as a young man working for Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi. This was the house of Guru Nanak where his two sons Baba Sri Chand and Baba Lakhmi Chand were born. Guru Nanak tested his two sons, but neither proved worthy of being his successor. Baba Lakhmi Chand was too involved in worldly affairs while Baba Sri Chand chose the path of renunciation and became an ascetic. Guru Sahib used to have Langar prepared by Bibi Nanaki ji. Well(Khooh) is also located here, from which water was used for Langar Preparation. .

Gurudwara Shree Sant Ghat

sri sant ghat This Gurudwara is situated on the bank of Bein river. From Ber sahib, Satguru Nanak Dev ji dived into Bein & disappeared. He came out after 3 days. On reaching Nirankar's place Sachkhand, he got satnaam's updesh " mool mantar" from Nirankar which he gave to the whole world. It is a blessing of this bein only. The big reason for this place to be named Sant Ghaat is that Guru Nanak Dev ji meditated here to the Akaal Purakh & went from here to serve the world.

Gurudwara Shree Antaryamta

The Muslims asked Shree Guru Nanak dev Ji that whether he was Hindu's guru or Muslim’s? Guru Nanak dev Ji replied that he is common to them. Then the Muslims said that in case you are common then come with us to offer namaaz. Guru Ji went along. Everyone stood in the mosque in order to offer namaaz & started offering prayers but Guru Nanak Dev ji kept standing straight. After offering namaaz, they asked with anger as to why he didn't offer prayers to which guru ji said that even they didn't offer prayers. Nawab said that they did offer prayers. Guru ji said that his heart was away to get horses from kandhar. he was physically present there & so was he(Guru), but not mentally. On hearing this khan said that Guru should have offered prayers along with the priest. Satguru ji replied that even he was physically present there but his mind was taking care of the new born female calf at home which might not fall into the well. Then everybody bowed to guru ji's feet in adoration & said that he is a saint with divine powers. Gurudwara is situated at the same place where this incident happened.

Gurudwara Shree Sehra Sahib

sehra sahib Gurudwara Shree Sehra Sahib is situated in mohalla Dhiraan. This Gurudwara is dedicated to Guru Arjan who passed through Sultanpur in 1604 on his way to Dalla for the marriage of his son, Har Gobind Sahib, the future Guru Hargobind (revered for his concept of miri and piri). According to tradition, the marriage party stayed overnight at this place and the sehra, or ceremonial wreath was fastened round the bridegroom's head here. The Gurudwara, within a brick paved walled compound, is an octagonal domed room in which the Guru Granth Sahib is placed. All these shrines at Sultanpur Lodhi with the exception of Gurudwara Bebe Nanaki JI, which is under the management of the Trust, are administered by the SGPC through a local committee.

Gurudwara Shree Bebe Nanki Ji

Gurudwara Bebe Nanaki Ji was constructed in 1970, to honour the memory of Bebe Nanaki, elder sister of Guru Nanak. The actual house, a three storeyed old building where Bebe Nanaki is believed to have lived with her husband, Jai Ram, is inside the old town in Mohalla Chhimbian. But the premises being in private possession, a public monument (cornerstone, laid on 13 November 1970) was raised in the form of a gurdwara by Bebe Nanaki Istri Satsang Charitable Trust under the chairmanship of Bibi Balvant Kaur of Birmingham (United Kingdom). The Gurdwara Bebe Nanaki Ji comprises a central hall, with the Guru Granth Sahib placed in a white marble palaki at the far end. Guru Granth Sahib is also placed in a small side room symbolizing Bebe Nanaki's own lodging. Over the sanctum, above the hall roof, is a square domed room with arched copings. Bulbous domes adorn the corners of the hall roof.