Examinations Besides the traditional exams, the college also regularly conducts e-exams. Coordinated by staff members, the e-exam cell, a dynamic concept in taking education to a higher plane is conducting examinations as per the syllabi of various courses keeping the demand of competitive examinations in sight. This enables the students to evaluate the skills gained by them during the stipulated period of study already availed at any given point at time. To make students self-reliant in studies, various types of tests have been devised. Each follows a set pattern of testing the students from elementary to higher level. The tests are fed in the server computer and the students can log on from the client machines to take tests. The score of the candidate can be obtained immediately on completion of the test. This cell helps to facilitate proficiency testing of the students. 1 GNDU Exams 2012-13 2 GNDU Exams 2011-12